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Paharganj is a beautiful hill station, situated on the bank of river Iran. It is located on the way to Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Paharganj is also a prominent place for parties and various other activities. It is famous for its accommodation of both tourists and newlyweds. It has many hotels and lodges that provide the best services for girls who want to enjoy their vacation by availing themselves of cheap India travel and tour package.

The town of Paharganj has been a center of cultural activities for centuries. This part of India is famous for its handicrafts, jewelry, and carpets. Many tourists visit this beautiful place just to buy these handicrafts or to experience the charm of these cultural activities.

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The Paharganj Escort Service in Paharganj ensures that its girls are well taken care of. They make sure that their needs are catered to and that they get to enjoy all that Paharganj has to offer to tourists. These services employ local women who have proven themselves to be efficient and trustworthy.

Paharganj is known for its exotic beauty. The lovely hills, valleys, tea gardens, tiger reserves, and religious places all contribute to the unique beautification of Paharganj. The services make sure that the girls of this town are not left out of all the tourist activity. The girls here work with distinction and are paid well. They have their own rooms and their own telephone lines.

The Paharganj Escort Service in Paharganj has a website from which tourists can book their services. All details such as rates, timings are provided. Most agencies require advance reservations. But you can also make your bookings at the office itself. The girls of the service are willing to do housekeeping and even cooking during off times.

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The Paharganj Escort Service in Paharganj offers a wide variety of services. Other than cleaning and laundry, the girls can arrange for the transportation of goods and passengers. They can also arrange sightseeing tours.

The Paharganj Escort Service in Paharganj is located at the heart of the Golden Triangle tour destination. Tourists from across India visit this scenic part of Punjab state often. There are many bed and breakfast establishments in Paharganj and the girls here are friendly and hospitable. The prices are very reasonable and this makes the service a top choice among those traveling with families. The Paharganj Escort Service at Paharganj is just near the international airport. There are buses servicing the town and the taxis and cars available in plenty are inexpensive.

The Paharganj Escort Service in Paharganj also has its own hotels and accommodations. These hotels provide the services of food, room service, and transportation to their clients. The Paharganj Bus Station is the main bus standpoint in the town. There are many bus stations in Paharganj and all are accessible by vehicle. The girls of the service are very attentive and ready to provide their best services to their customers.


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One of the major attractions in Paharganj is Chini Dara Lake. It is a famous bathing place for tourists who come to Paharganj. This lake serves as an ideal habitat for a variety of birds, ducks, and other animals. The Paharganj Escort Service in Chini Dara offers its services to tourists at reasonable rates. Some of the escorts who take clients to the Chini Dara Lake are:

There are two hotels in Paharganj, which have their own service desks. One of them is the Leela Resort which caters mainly to foreign tourists. The hotel reception is attended by very friendly and charming girls who provide good customer service. The Leela Resort also has its own restaurant which serves local Paharganj dishes and beverages. Other services offered are laundry, luggage pickup and delivery, car rental, daily maid service, and wedding arrangements.

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If you are looking for a cheaper option for accommodation in Paharganj, you can try the Kichwa Resorts which is situated close to the airport. The hotel staff are very helpful and take care of every important aspect of your travel. They even arrange for the services of a taxi service to transport you to your hotel. Their service charges are much less than those of the higher-end Paharganj Escorts.

In the evening, some of the local Paharganj Escorts organize their own parties at the Chini Dara Lake. While you are with your client, these escorts will take you to the beach where you can spend some time swimming and having a good time with your friends and family. For this purpose, these service providers in Paharganj arrange their services at reasonable prices, thus catering to the needs of their clients perfectly.